As old as the debate is, today we decided to give our opinion and recommendation on this always recuring subject. In order to share some actually useful knowledge, we decided to give up on citing medical publications and using scholar vocabulary and instead explain the topic by pointing to commonly known and not disputed facts. Here we go!

No, it won’t.

Referring to the lowering estrogen levels itself (as a process, i.e. by using Aromatase Inhibitors) will not affect the gains you are getting from the cycle. However anabolic estrogen is, it will most likely work in your favor only to its certain circulating level, further being only the cause of issues.

Origins of the myth

The most likely origin of this hypothesis is the fact that indeed, higher estrogen will always cause extra fluid retention in organism and stand behind “bloat” look, thus creating impression of one being in extremely ‘high-anabolic’ state. In reality in doesn’t have anything in common with long term development of lean muscle mass, there is simply no evidence that excessive water retention in organism is beneficial in any way.

Avoid going too low at all cost!

The most common issue with estrogen management is careless usage of aromatase inhibitors and reducing its levels below reference. Doing this, not only will make you feel really bad (joint pain, exhaustion) but in long-term will also negatively impact on your cardiovascular health and liver enzymes, as estrogen plays major role in maintaining homeostatis in these.