Although estrogen dominance is not intended to occur throughout life, it can sometimes happen anyways. And if it does, that’s when our anti estrogen steroids and natural antiestrogens can help you rectify the problem.

What Is Estrogen?

Estrogen (also spelled oestrogen) is one of two sex hormones. In contrast to testosterone, it is the hormone that women produce the most. Yet, testosterone and estrogen are present in all males. The usual circulation levels of both hormones remain in equilibrium thanks to the testis.

A healthy hormonal balance is necessary for the human body to operate properly. This is especially important for men’s testosterone and oestrogen ratios. Proper estrogen levels promote testicular function, participate in weight regulation, and assist the body to control sex drive and erections.

Estrogen Dominance

When the equilibrium between normal amounts of testosterone and estrogen is disturbed, males develop estrogen dominance. When a man’s estrogen levels get too high, it will begin to compete with his testosterone. You then begin to experience feminising symptoms and other health issues, such as:

  • – Reduced libido
  • – Erectile dysfunction
  • – Enlarged breasts
  • – Urinary tract infections
  • – Increased fat
  • – Fatigue
  • – Muscle mass loss
  • – Depression and anxiety

Many people use anti-estrogen supplements, commonly referred to as estrogen blockers, to combat the consequences of excessive estrogen levels.

Estrogen Blockers

Estrogen blockers are supplements that work by preventing estrogen activity or reducing its synthesis, hence reducing its negative effects on the body. They are frequently used by both men and women who want to control their hormone levels for a variety of reasons. Estrogen blockers function by blocking either the binding of estrogen to the body’s estrogen receptors or the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

Who Should Take Anti Estrogen Supplements?

Men and women who experience excessive amounts of estrogen or its effects on the body can both benefit from anti estrogen supplements. Bodybuilding anti estrogen may be used by some athletes to assist lower body fat, boost muscle mass, and enhance athletic performance.

This is due to the fact that elevated oestrogen levels might hinder muscle growth and increase body fat. Although low testosterone can cause the body’s oestrogen levels to rise, men with low testosterone levels may potentially benefit from taking antiestrogens bodybuilding supplements.

Estrogen supplements may also be beneficial for women who have the signs and symptoms of estrogen dominance, including irregular periods, breast tenderness and mood swings. Antiestrogens for men can aid in decreasing the body’s levels of estrogen, so easing these symptoms and reestablishing hormonal balance.

Life is All About Balance

For men and women with oestrogen dominance or low testosterone levels, our anti estrogen supplements function as a complement to a balanced diet and lifestyle to help lower excess oestrogen. You’ll find only the best antiestrogens for sale in our store because we understand that what you put into your body is what you get out.

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