Everyone wants to be in tip-top shape. While some may exercise and eat healthy foods, others may add HGH supplements to their daily fitness routine.

For those who don’t know, HGH stands for human growth hormone—a powerful anabolic substance often used by bodybuilders. Whether someone’s using HGH steroids for bodybuilding or an HGH analogue, I’m here to tell readers how it affects bodybuilders and the best HGH UK offers.

How HGH Affects Bodybuilders

Every bodybuilder’s dream is to have large muscles in their bodies. While eating healthy foods and exercising regularly can help, some bodybuilders also rely on growth hormones steroids.

The human growth hormone anabolic steroid occurs naturally and is secreted by the pituitary gland in the head. This single-chain peptide contains 191 amino acids and weighs around 22 kilo Daltons (kDa). Bodybuilders have been using HGH steroids since at least the 1970s. So, how does this anabolic steroid affect bodybuilders?

Once HGH is secreted or introduced to the body, it enters the bloodstream and travels to the liver. The liver is where it produces growth factors like insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1). HGH delivers the large muscles bodybuilders desire via IGF-1.

Using HGH Analogues

Now that I’ve explained about how HGH affects bodybuilders, let me discuss how to use an HGH analogue. HGH can be taken in various ways, but most growth hormones are given via injections. For bodybuilding, the intramuscular method is the most efficient way of injecting HGH steroids. However, HGH isn’t always used for bodybuilding.

Growth hormone analogue drugs can treat growth failure, growth hormone deficiency, and various disorders in adults, such as:

  • – Growth hormone deficiency
  • – HIV-associated wasting or cachexia
  • – Short bowel syndrome

The HGH supplements UK offers usually have lower prices (around £20 to £45), but some HGH supplements with a dosage range of 100 international units (IU) can cost up to £200.

Some generic or brand names for growth hormone analogue drugs are:

  • – Genotropin
  • – Humatrope
  • – Increlex
  • – Nutropin
  • – Omnitrope
  • – Saizen
  • – Zorbtive

HGH Supplements Side Effects and Protocols

Like other medications, HGH steroids also have their side effects. While there aren’t any reports of deaths from HGH, HGH supplements can worsen cancers because it volumises a cell and anabolic effect on a cell’s size. These potential side effects are severe.

The main side effects are jaw and nose growth, but that’s expected after using HGH supplements over a long period.

Common side effects of growth hormone analogue drugs can include:

  • – Abdominal pain
  • – Diarrhea
  • – Flu-like symptoms
  • – Headache
  • – Nausea
  • – Tiredness

Rarer side effects include dizziness, fatigue, and weight gain. I would check with my doctor if these side effects persist or get worse.

To get the best results, it’s best to learn the protocols to use HGH steroids for bodybuilding. Some use HGH supplements every day, while others use them every other day. Whatever schedule I use, I always take HGH supplements in two-to-four-month cycles and to take breaks every once in a while.


Everyone wants to be in tip-top shape. That’s why it’s best to see how HGH affects bodybuilders and learn about the side effects and protocols.

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