Once you have completed your anabolic steroids or prohormones cycle, you are going to want to follow a post cycle therapy (PCT) protocol. Steroids or prohormones are great for increased muscle development and recovery.

However, you can’t continue on your steroid regimen indefinitely. Steroids are hormones, and changing your hormone levels is always risky. A healthy PCT cycle after steroids will help you balance your hormones safely and prevent long term damage.

Anabolic steroids and prohormones suppress your body’s testosterone levels and the result is that your body stops making its own hormones. When you stop your steroid cycle, your body needs to start making its own hormones again. This is where the best PCT steroids cycle comes in. An effective and safe PCT steroids cycle will help your body produce testosterone within weeks.

Using PCT after steroids will also help to prevent any steroid side effects. If you do not use a PCT protocol, your body will have to recover on its own, which can take months. You will also suffer low testosterone symptoms, like mood swings, fatigue, decreased muscle mass and increased fat mass. Essentially, it’s enough time to undo all the hard work you put into building the body you wanted.

When should you start a PCT cycle

When using steroids, you should be planning a PCT cycle into your training schedule. Your PCT course after steroids will depend on which steroid you were using. The PCT protocol for anabolic steroids starts one week after the last dose. For SARMs or prohormones, the PCT protocol starts one day after the last dose.

The best PCT cycle after steroids usually lasts between two to four weeks, depending on how heavy your steroids dose was. Most PCT schedules advise a four week cycle to be on the safe side.

The next question would be which should you get? Choosing your go-to for the PCT steroids buy process can be a little tricky. It depends on how heavy your steroids dose was and how heavily your hormones were suppressed.

  • – Rebirth PCT is used for mild steroid or prohormone cycles that cause little suppression. Recovery should be around 2 weeks.
  • – Nolvadex PCT is used for mild anabolic steroid use and is great for first-time users where the steroid compounds are used for a limited time.
  • – Clomid PCT is for the hard core users who need a lot of hormone recovery. Clomid PCT comes with a rather harsh list of side effects. Ideally, steroid use should never be this extreme.

Smoothing the PCT Cycle

Keep up with your nutrition plan, by eating enough protein and healthy fats. A testosterone booster can help get your hormones back to the desired level faster when used with a PCT course after steroids.

Maintain your training schedule and train hard. You want to keep those gains you made, and working hard will keep those goals in line.

Getting enough sleep is just as crucial as the right supplements and healthy meals. The best recovery happens during sleep, and you should be aiming for eight hours a day.

Finally, you should have doctor supervision over your steroid cycle. The oversight gives you peace of mind that your body is taken care of.

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