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MK-677, also known as Ibutamoren or Nutrobal, is a growth hormone supplement. It mimics the process that the hormone ghrelin completes, increasing your insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) and promoting your human growth hormone (HGH) to secrete further. Our MK-677 30mg tab is ideal for fitness fanatics looking to build muscles.


The natural hormone ghrelin is a hunger hormone and MK-677 30 tab. The bottle ensures you have enough for a month or more. As such, it promotes the production of HGH, which directly correlates to cell regeneration and muscle growth.

Further, IGF-1 is a protein compound that helps build strong muscle tissue, as it supports the fast gain gym goers experience. It also helps balance your energy metabolism and overall stimulates cell proliferation.

Traits and Effects

These factors mean that our MK-677 30mg tabs are ideal for helping you build significant muscle mass faster. Bodybuilders often use it as an anabolic substance to help promote lean muscle growth. The effects of this supplement vary depending on your exercise regime, but it helps build and maintain strong muscles.

Since it contains a protein element, IGF-1, it also helps inhibit muscle wasting due to decreased protein in your diet. Researchers have done various studies to see whether it could help individuals with catabolic conditions, and though nothing is proven, the results lean towards positive.

Side Effects & Precaution

There are no proven long-term side effects, but there are some you can consider. Often, these effects occur due to taking too much of the supplement, which is why we recommend one daily dosage of a MK-677 30mg tablet.

The reported effects include an increased appetite, lethargy, and insulin resistance. It can also show increasing prolactin levels and possibly joint pain for individuals with previous medical problems.

MK-677–The Supplement For You

The MK-677 supplement is an excellent option for bodybuilders and gym goers to support their muscle gain and maintain a lean figure. If you follow the recommended dosage and don’t have pre-existing medical conditions, the side effects are minimal. Experience the difference while building muscles with our MK-677 30 tab. product.


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