Today we decided to touch quite uncommon and rarely discussed topic that is:
Combinations of products that will make you feel ‘miserable’ and sad, and should probably be avoided if you are concerned about your well-being and mental health. And we know that you do.

Two different 19-nortestosterone derivatives.

On the top of the list there is -in our opinion- the most deadly among all combinations, that is using two different nandrolone derivatives simultaneously. Why is that, you make ask, and the answer is: there is no other combination that will affect your mesolimbic pathways, and bring your dopamine down more than that. There are several discovered mechanism standing behind it, but we think that anecdotal evidence in this case is sufficient.

Two strong 17-a-alkylated oral agents.

Yes, we know that synergy that comes from this combination is great and marvelous, but still we insist that you not do that. While liver and cholesterol are possibly manageable, the digestive system -especially stomach- tend to be not. Precise mechanism of impaired digestion while using harsh oral medicines are not really well-known, but one thing to keep in mind that we are sure of is that you can only put certain amount of strain on your digestive system before changes become irreversible and permanent.
Boldenone and nandrolone (for certain individuals)
One thing that we would like to underline here is “for certain individuals” that is: for people sensitive to any external influence on GABA levels. This fact is very little known, and the research is scarce, mainly due to small percentage of people affected by this issue, as well as its low severity level.