Today, we present to you the list of health markers that you should monitor on regular basis, that are absolutely crucial for your overall health and well-being. You can treat this info as part of our genuine ‘harm-reduction’ program that aids in spreading actually useful knowledge to our customers, rather than flooding you with a stack of mails containing “great deals, only right now”.

Blood pressure

The most basic check that anyone can do himself without even leaving the house. Yet, potentially life-saving check, that is worth doing, even if you don’t experience any issues attributed with high blood pressure.
Estrogen and prolactin levels
These two hormones are notorious for letting know of its higher than desired levels with significant and unpleasant delay. The higher they level rise, the more complex and longer the process of their regulation is. Keep in mind that some side-effects like gynecomastia, if left untreated for long periods of time, can become permanent!

PSA antigen

This is the issue especially with experienced performance enhancement users, as PSA antigen is the one that builds up in organism slowly, but consecutively over time. It also doesn’t cause any easily observable side-effects, besides the times that it is really too late, like when prostate enlargement become the issue.

Cholesterol HDL and LDL

Cholesterol levels are well known to be easily affected while on cycle. The longer the condition exist, the more severe its effect will be, and with time they will no longer affect only the liver and cardiovascular health, but will likely start to diminish your workout efforts by downregulating digestion and nutrient partitioning and metabolism.