Today we decided to touch on another topic related to “well-being” while on cycle, and specifically – planning those with regard to feeling well. So, here is our point of view:

You want to keep testosterone to nandrolone ratio at least 1:1

While we are aware that running basic ratio nandrolone to testosterone in ratio higher that 1:1 may have some anabolic advantage to it, it can lead to overall bad feeling in particular, sensitive individuals. This is due to the fact that nandrolone converts to much less potent DnHT, which competes with DHT (derived from testosterone) in the same receptors in tissue.

It will also reduce prolactin related issues.

Running higher doses of nandrolones always tends to increase serum prolactin levels. Combating these is always an issue, and requires using pretty harsh medication, so it is not desirable scenario for anyone.  Alternatively, running testosterone to nandrolone ratio 1:1 or higher will most likely result in similar results/gains, and with no risk of feeling laziness/tiredness.

Avoid “bloat” and “swollen” look.

This is especially issue while on nandrolones, as they tend to make one look “fluffy” and “soft”. Not willing to discredit anyone preferences, most people prefer more leaner look, and not feeling ‘overweight’, and in this case running higher testosterone doses that nandrolones will also be helpful.