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Cardarine 10mg/tab

Cardarine (aka GW 501516) is performance-enhancing agent, one from a group of real modern medicine wonders – extremely potent doping agents, which are neither steroids, nor hormones! Cardarine is the product of choice of athletes aiming at improving endurance and aerobic capacity, and are especially interested in not suffering side effects! Other physique-oriented effects include promoting fat loss, and increased slow twitch muscle (type I) synthesis.


Cardarine is research chemical having roots in real ‘Big Pharma’ research program. Precisely, it was researched and was subdued clinical trials by GSK (GlaxoSmithKline). Original idea behind it, was to create a compound that would support treatment of obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemia and cardiovascular disease. Stage II of clinical studies reported that it possibly induced or promoted cancer development in rats given 5mg/kg/day to 80mg/kg/day. Equivalent for 100kg male is accordingly 500mg and 8000mg a day, that is 50 and 800 pills a day. Simply speaking, you would have to take between one full container to 8 containers A DAY to make it possible to somehow induce cancer growth. Considering the price, and putting aside the struggle of consuming 800 pills daily, in best case you would have to spend 400 £ a day to achieve that. What we are willing to state here is that there is no proven risk, nor any legitimate report of Cardarine side effects.

Traits & effects

Cardarine (research name: GW-501516) is a selective PPARδ (Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta) receptor agonist(modulator), which itself does not affect HTPA axis, nor is methylated, thus not induce side effects whatsoever. PPARδ receptor are naturally stimulated in response to long-term endurance activity. Cardarine mechanism of action in very complex and hard to really understand for non-academic PhD individuals, so to put a light on the most important ones; it works in a fashion of promoting fat cell oxidation, and preferably using them as a energy source, thus promoting fat loss. Other well-known mechanism of action is enhancing “slow” twitch oxidative muscle fibers (type I) synthesis. As one would conclude, significance of all other mechanism does not really matter much, when your endurance capabilities are increased and you can train anyhow longer and harder, and instantly “consuming” physical activity byproducts as energy source!


Dosage is strictly dependent on one’s experience, desired effect and other drugs being used in cycle, but most often presented schedule is:


Beginner: 5 mg/ed

Intermediate: 10 mg/ed

Advanced: 10-15 mg/ed



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