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Oxymetholone 25mg/tab

Oxybol (also known as oxymetholone, Anapolon, Abomb, a50) was originally invented as anemia-treating agent. Pretty soon it was found out to be a little overkill, considering its side effect/benefit ratio, as trated patients liver suffered significantly. However, Oxybol found its niche somewhere, that is competitive sports. Muscle protein synthesis enhancement and strength it gives, are unprecedented. Liver and cardiovascular system are the ones that should be considered at all times during cycle, and we really do mean it.


Oxybol is one of very few steroids, that you can classify as definitely far more anabolic that androgenic, though it doesn’t mean that its androgenic activity is anyhow “weak” – it is just anabolic properties are so insane, that the scale is hard to determine. Bodybuilders during offseason and powerlifters are the ones that benefit from Oxybol most. If you want to have a full impression about the steroid, you can catch up some gym rat being in his 40-50′ and ask about “A-bomb”, he will surely deliver.

Traits & effects

Oxybol mechanism of action is mainly based on strong androgen receptor binding and nitrogen retention properties. Estrogenic activity always seem to be an issue, so proper knowledge of SERMs and Aromatase Inhibitors is highly recommended prior to running it. Excessive fluid retention is generally speaking classified as “anabolic factor” -what is in most cases true- but after you cross certain level, it will no longer be anyway beneficial, as it will be balanced off by dropping workout intensity and quality. Yes, the bloat can be that much severe, so its really worth taking care of.

Dosage & administration

Dosage is strictly dependent on one’s experience, desired effect and other steroids/drugs being used, but most often presented schedule is:


Beginner: Please, don’t

Intermediate: 25-50mg – ed (daily)

Advanced: 50-100mg – ed

Elite: 100mg+ –ed? God knows…


Side effects & precautions

Side effects are the ones typical for all anabolic-androgenic steroids, that is: increased irritability, sex drive, excess hair growth, acne, skin rash, fluid retention. Men prone to pattern baldness ought to be aware that it may worsen or even initiate the process, as the DHT level throughout blood and tissue rise during the cycle. Bloat, blood pressure and liver damage – all related to two common oral AAS factors – hepatoxicity and estrogen levels.

Further reading

If willing to buy, you probably already know what you are doing, so we will spare you any nonsense. If not really satisfied with the given information, please reconsider decision of running this steroid.



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