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Methandienone 15mg/tab

Dianabol is very strong androgenic and anabolic steroid with long history of usage. One of BIG THREE steroids having its prime in Golden EraD-Bol was the one used in mass building period, most often with DecaJect and Testosterone– what nowadays is called “Golden Era Stack”. D-bol is both high anabolic and androgenic at the same time, so muscle mass and strength go through the roof immediately. This is in fact one of very few steroids that will make you notice progress with each following workout. Significant fluid retention, and elevated blood pressure should be observed, and immediately taken care of, as D-Bol is well known for its high estradiol-induced side effects.


Dianabol is popular name for steroid products containing Methandienone. It is available both in oral and injectable formulation, whereas injectable form is rather the choice for advanced users. It has strong ability to aromatize, so side effects induced by estrogen receptor affinity are surely to occur in every case. What D-Bol is being blessed for are his very rapid onset resulting in huge increase in muscle mass and strength. It is no mystery that it is the steroid responsible for modern bodybuilding in its current form. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Serge Nubret are only a couple of competitors to be listed, considering Dianabol influence on the sport.

Traits & effects

D-Bol can be easily classified as one of the top three most anabolic and androgenic steroids. While androgenic effect may not be the point of adoration, anabolic properties of D-bol overshadow every other known steroid. Mechanism of action is though very simple. It mostly provides its anabolic benefits by enhancing protein synthesis rate, nitrogen retention and glycogenolysis. What partially remains mystery is D-bol exceptionality in terms of synergistic effects being exhibited when applied with other steroids. That is, no matter what kind of different AAS will be stacked together, and D-bol at constant given dosage (e.g. 500 mg total), the one with highest amount of D-bol will – with high probability – outperform all other formulas.

Dosage & administration

Dianabol must be taken daily, preferably in two split doses. Dosage given below refers to total daily amount (not one dose!).

Dosage is strictly dependent on one’s experience, desired effect and other drugs being used in cycle, but most often presented schedule is:


Beginner: 20-30mg – ED (every day)

Intermediate: 20-40mg – ED

Advanced: 30-50mg – ED

Elite: 50 mg+ – ED “sky (liver) is the limit”


Side effects & precautions

Dianabol is strong estrogenic anabolic steroid due to, not only level of aromatase activity it carries, but also specific kind of estradiol it converts to. That is methylestradiol, which is far more potent than regular estradiol circulating in our blood at all the time. Side effects induced by methylestradiol are more severe, and treatment requires more complex approach; that is to say, simple incorporation of AI (aromatase inhibitors) may not be enough to counteract symptoms of methylestradiol, and more precise choice of medications will be required. Good example of possible misfire is treating gynecomastia or fluid retention with any of common AI; in many cases result is either none or even conditions get worse that they appeared before treatment. Reason for this is that, if you inhibit aromatase enzymes, you will surely get rid of estradiol, and in some part of methylestradiol; what comes after is, methylestradiol (that is less prone to AI) bound to every single estrogen receptor, that was previously attached by estradiol. In result, you replace particles that is being bound to receptor, and it does not seem to be a bargain, as the less severe is being replaced by stronger, lasting longer, nasty one. Considering more precise approach, tamoxifen (nolvadex) would be far more beneficial, as its mechanism of action is focused strictly on affecting estrogen receptor located in breast tissue, skin and most other glands. One thing to keep in mind is that you always want to take action against activity of specific hormones (resulting in receptor activation) and not their levels (what is of course corelated, but not being direct cause of symptoms).

Further reading

D-bol will most likely be used off-season, during heavy mass building periods, and not really advised in fat cutting cycles (though we are aware that it is successfully done by some!). It is hard to find any steroid that wouldn’t be beneficial to use with dianabol, so let us simply pay respects to the all-time greatest formula “Golden Era Stack”.



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