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TestoBase 50

Testosterone 50mg/ml

TestoBase 50 is pure testosterone molecule with no ester attached. Used mostly by bodybuilders and powerlifters pre-workout or directly before competition. Immediate action, that is 1-2 hours after injection, causes rapid strength increase, and raise aggression to the unprecedented level. Recommended only for advanced and elite users, as it is the most specific of other existing testosterone forms, the only reasonable purpose of its usage is short period before bodybuilding contest (1-2 weeks out) – for energy levels during this tough period; and powerlifting competition/meet – at the day of the contest for strength and focus spike.



TestoBase 50 is pure testosterone form, extremely fast acting steroid designed to used precisely around competition time. Long-term usage is reportedly unbearable, because of its side effects. Presumably constant rage, severe fluid retention, increased blood pressure and androgen receptor activation effects (like swollen prostate) are common, and threat of permanent health impairment is serious if used excessively. For professional use only.

Dosage & administration

Dosage is strictly dependent on one’s experience, desired effect time and tolerance, reported dosing appears like below:


Beginner: XXX

Intermediate: XXX

Advanced: 50-100mg pre-contest w/ powerlifting; 50 mg incidentally 1-2 weeks out of BB competition

Elite: 100-200mg pre-contest w/ powerlifting; 50-100 mg 1-2 weeks out of BB competition


Side effects & precautions

Side effects are the ones typical for testosterone itself, that is, increased irritability, sex drive, excess hair growth, acne, skin rash, fluid retention. Men prone to pattern baldness ought to be aware that it may worsen or even initiate the process, as the DHT level throughout blood and tissue rise during the cycle. Testosterone base side effects ought to be the main concern when considering its usage. Strictly recommended is to make sure about current health state, check blood pressure frequently, and be aware of cardiovascular health condition.

Feminizing effects of estrogen, due to its rapid aromatase induction are more visible and severe than in any other form of testosterone. Estrogen-like effects are actually the main reason for all the negative side effects of Test. base that is: increased blood pressure, prostate enlargement, increased aggression, fluid retention (bloat), irritability, joint swelling, bruises, blood cloths.

Further reading

Testosterone base doesn’t stand as standalone steroid in cycle ever. Usage is strictly restricted to short strict period preceding competition, when usually steroid listed below are already in use:


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