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Tri-Bold 300

Health should always be a top priority. For example, we can prioritise our healthy by eating good foods and exercising outside, but what if there’s was a way to achieve faster results or stay looking in tip top shape?

For bodybuilders, that’s where Tri-Bold 300 comes in. There are loads of supplements we can take for building muscles, but some can be expensive. Tri-Bold 300 does not have this problem. Besides the low price, here are some other benefits this steroid has for bodybuilders and sportspeople alike.

What is Tri-Bold 300?

For those that don’t know, Tri-Bold 300 is an injecting steroid meant for bodybuilders, althletes and regular gym goers. The injecting steroid that comes from AndroChem Laboratories, is made up of three types of boldenone per one millilitre dose:

  • – 50mg of boldenone acetate
  • – 100mg of boldenone cypionate
  • – 150mg of boldenone undecylenate

Combining these three helps us to achieve faster results and keeps the levels of boldenone in our blood stable. This blend provides us with the ultimate solution for boldenone use.

The product comes in a white box with a green logo and bold, black text. Once you open the box, you’ll see a clear bottle with a large, grey top. Tri-Bold 300 comes in 10-millilitre vials, with a 300 mg per ml dosage.

One brilliant thing about Tri-Bold 300 is its low price. While some other injecting steroids have a high price, Tri-Bold 300 is priced at only £35. Now, that’s what we call a bargain!

What to Do Before Injecting Tri-Bold 300

Now that you know the basics of Tri-Bold 300, it’s time to learn what you should do before injecting yourself with the product. Injecting steroids into our bodies is safe, but you still need to take some precautions.

Before injecting Tri-Bold 300, you must always make sure that you have everythin youg need ready, this includes ensuring that your needles are always new. Also, always dispose of the needles properly and never share them with others.

Bulk Up!

We should always make health a priority, and injecting Tri-Bold 300 is one way to do exactly that. The blend of boldenones in Tri-Bold 300 give youthe perfect opportunity to keep your muscles in tiptop shape.


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