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Supertren 2000

Metribolone 2000mcg/ml


This is really not a steroid for beginners. We are aware of copious amount of SARMs and PHs named in similar fashion (Megatren, Tren-X etc.). They are nor steroids, nor nothing like Metribolone that can be found in Supertren 2000 – the most potent androgenic-anabolic agent out there.

Metribolone is a 17-α methylated derivative of trenbolone. As harsh as it sounds, as harsh metribolone really is. Putting scientific explanation aside, Supertren 2000 is over 2-fold (up to 10, depending on a study) more androgenic than trenbolone. Androgen receptor binding affinity is so potent, that induced changes are often permanent! Metribolone used 2-3 weeks prior to bodybuilding competition, will change your physique from “flat”, visibly “carb-depleted” into freaky full blown, stage-ready one. It is really hard to describe in words the visual change induced by Supertren on BB competitors, it just make them look somewhat ‘weird, even disturbing’.



Metribolon is a steroid of really weird origin and unusual appliance. As many other steroids, the original idea was to find out new medicament to fight advanced breast cancer. Unexpectedly, another anabolic-androgenic steroid was found, thanks to courageous off-label testing volunteers. Considering the mechanism of action, we could start by recalling the reason why it was not so good anti-cancer drug. Hepatoxicity and virilization are to be blamed here. Liver damage occurring in patients being given low doses (50-100cmg a day) was too severe for medication to be considered in any treatment. Also, virilizing effect was not appreciated here (as we are talking about women fighting cancer), so these two simple factors tell us a lot about probable mechanism of action. On the grounds of mechanism of action, androgen receptor binding affinity explains everything. You can easily say, that every other effect experienced while on Metribolone, have its AR affinity behind it.

Traits & effects

As said before, AR binding is the key factor here. Insane blood pressure level, “stiff” muscles and tendons, and unexpected rage is what you experience the very same day the first injection you made. Some users report that after first 10-14 days it is really when it “kicks in”, but usually it is corelated with almost addict-like inner necessity of blasting it in higher and higher doses, because of the effect it gives. We strongly recommend to keep to your schedule, and don’t push the bounds, as your health is usually less bulletproof than you would like it to be. Considering dosage in range of 500mcg-1mg a day, insane strength levels and motivation to work out are surely there. Run it for consecutive 7-10 days straight, and assuming your bodyfat is somewhere close to 1 digit, you will start to mutate now. Veins popping out everywhere, thickening of already present one, and visible separation between muscle heads will emerge. From now on it will make you contantly look weirdier and freakier (including face) due to metribolone rare ability of binding also to mineralocorticoid receptor. Aldosterone (hormone) and spironolacton (medication) are two main factors being manipulated to achieve champion look at contest day. Metribolone works in the same fashion as they do, with the slight diffrence that is Metribolone affects these receptors permanently. Hence some part of what can be called „body composition” achieved on Supertren becomes permanent.

Dosage & administration

Dosage is strictly dependent on one’s experience, desired effect and other drugs being used in cycle, but most often presented schedule is:


Beginner: not really

Intermediate: the same, just give it a go

Advanced: 500-1000 mcg/ed – if you have to…

Elite: 1mg+/ed


Side effects & precautions

Most severe and common side effects are liver hepatoxicity, various cardiovascular system symptoms, and progestogenic effects. The very simplest advice on hepatoxicity is really to “have everything in place” when it comes to around-cycle supplementation, prophylactic and overall health state. It is really more than ‘unwise’ to run Metribolon if you don’t know exactly what you LDL/HDL and ALaT/ASPaT really are. Not blasting it in huge amounts at first contact, or rising the dosage every following day is also very simple, yet in some cases health-sparing advice. Regarding cardiovascular system care, the given before advice doesn’t really differ. Countless mechanisms of action, of which most is not really discovered nor recognized makes it impossible to point any particular precautions to be taken. Check your blood pressure on daily basis, avoid recreational drugs using and alcohol at all times, make sure to have sodium, potassium and magnesium calculated in your diet, track essential fatty acids consumption – deliver, if not sufficient. Progestogenic are really hard to deal with here, as their mechanism of occurrence is the same that androgenous one, but usually metribolone is run in periods too short for any progestogenic side effects to occur.

Further reading

Metribolon is (and should be) looked for by people that are already ‘into the game’, so we won’t bother you with elaborates regarding all possible applications and formulas to use it with. Let us kindly spare your time, and point to relevant products, you’re probably up to buy:


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