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Stanazolol 10mg/tab

Stanazolol (also known as Winstrol, Vinny, Vins) is one of most potent DHT derivatives out there. Given effects are purely androgenic, with no ability to cause any estrogen-related side effects whatsoever. Strictly contest-oriented steroid, which applied anywhere around 1-digit bodyfat percent, will make you look remarkably leaner, bigger and drier than ever. Strength gain coming from Stanobol is next to incomparable; stanazolol in one of not so many steroids, that can’t be confused with anything else.



Stanobol was originally developed to treat hereditary angioedema, and as such didn’t have any great clinical significance. However, it did have in sport. Steroid is almost legendary for its variety and notoriety of use. Ben Johnson as example, is the first known, still remaining big-scale advertiser of winstrol. It is really hard to elaborate all the history and possible applications of this steroid in limited number of paragraphs, so be aware that it will be just a brief presentation.

Traits & effects

Main Stanobol mechanism of action is mere fact that it is derivative of very potent hormone DHT, however what really makes him so powerful is its ability to inhibit SHBG production. Inhibiting SHBG will result in more hormones in free form circulating in your blood, thus being able to later bind to a receptor. Considering the fact, winstrol can be described as synergy agent, as the more various hormones you will from now on deliver, the more of them will have opportunity to activate. Another pretty unusual mechanism is specific influence on glucocorticoid receptor, which observable results are significantly reduced catabolism, and ‘evaporation’ of subcutaneous water. Those two are strictly bodybuilding related, but they are really desirable effects in pretty much every sport. Nothing comes without a price, so winstrol related CGR alteration properties will at the same time cause partial collagen synthesis disfunction. That is really not what joint and tendons are happy to go along with, hence many major injuries happen during final stage preceding competition, as Stanobol makes you feel like there is nothing that can bother you. There is a thin line between courage and tragedy while on winstrol, so injuries are often spectacular (remember Dorian before 94′ and later 97′ Olympia?

Dosage & administration

Dosage is strictly dependent on one’s experience, desired effect and other drugs being used in cycle, but most often presented schedule is:


Beginner: 10-20mg/ed

Intermediate: 20-30mg/ed

Advanced: 30-50mg/ed

Elite: 50-100 mg/ed


Side effects & precautions

Most severe and common side effects are liver hepatoxicity, various cardiovascular symptoms and joint and tendons stiffness. The very simplest advice on hepatoxicity is really to “have everything in place” when it comes to around-cycle supplementation, take proper precautions and check your overall health status. Liver-protecting medicaments like Liv52 can be a blessing for people having hard time with appetite while on oral steroids. Other thinks to do is to check your blood pressure on daily basis, avoid recreational drugs use and alcohol at all times, make sure to have sodium, potassium and magnesium calculated in your diet, track them, and track essential fatty acids consumption – if not sufficient, deliver the right amount.

Further reading

Winstrol is universal agent when it comes to combining it in any given cycle. It works well around with everything you can imagine – as said before – through SHGB inhibition properties. Below we present some steroids, which effect you would look forward to be amplified.:


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