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Fluoxymesterone 10mg

Halotestin is one of these old-fashioned, widely recognized and nearly mythical steroids, that are often ‘recalled’ by 90′ gym rats as real “gamechangers“, or necessary “finish touch” in talk about final stage of bodybuilding contest preparation. The undeniable truth is that Halotestin benefits are really great and not possible to remain unnoticed, but… As for its effect it is tremendously harsh, especially when compared to alternatives. What must be claimed here is that it is incomparable in its class. As a result of being extremely strong androgen, the alteration of your behavior, overall attitude and ‘viewpoint’ change instantly, and that is the really best thing that you can get from it. Another one ought to noticed here, is how it transform your contest-ready physique into contest-winning physique. Subcutaneous fluid is literally flushed out straightaway, veins pop out in a freaky looking way, and due to skin dehydration, itself, you achieve extremely lean and ‘grainy’ look, as skin become so thin and stretched that it looks like there is no tissue separating it from the muscles. Halotestin should definitely not be used by beginner, nor ‘intermediate’ or even somehow advanced. Bodybuilding and powerlifting veterans (and we really mean veterans here) with much of self-awareness, experience and knowledge are the ones that will truly benefit from Halo. It takes certain amount of insight in own body to “get” how Halotestin work, and how to take advantage from it. This is the way to unleash its true power, and make it worth nasty digestive system and liver side effects .

(opis dawkowania)

Dosage is strictly dependent on one’s experience, desired effect and other drugs being used in cycle, but most often presented schedule is:


Beginner: 50-100mg – EOD (every other day)

Intermediate: 100 mg – EOD

Advanced: 100-200mg – EOD

Elite: not really



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