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OneRip 200

70mg Testosterone propionate

65mg Trenbolone acetate

65mg Drostanolone propionate (masteron)

OneRip 200 is our proprietary blend consisting of two powerful androgens: trenbolone & masteron; accompanied by health-giving and stress-relieving testosterone, all of them in their shortest ester form. Initial idea here was to fill the market gap for those who have hard time keeping injection consistency, notorious vial breakers, and easily-distracted ones, occasionally shooting 300mg of Tren at times.

The reason standing behind 1:1:1 proportion is that it is the most convenient and universal one, as it will work just great, no matter what your goal is. You can blast it anytime you want, just like that – straight out of the box – or adjust the ratio by adding X amount of chosen ingredient, making it fully suitable for your goals.

Finally, it is simply a proper bargain.


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