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FinaJect 100

Trenbolone Acetate 100mg/ml

Trenbolone (also known as FinaJect, FinaPlix) is a steroid, that not so long ago you would keep you voice down while talking about it. Even though big part of the legend has already fallen, FinaJect 100 still remains undisputedly superior steroid that was ever used in any sport. Sudden visible muscle mass gain, unprecedented strength, and vascularization are only a couple first “symptoms” trenbolone gives you within first two weeks of using. What comes next is probably best described as mutation, as you will notice body recomposition, as subcutaneous water extinct, muscles get thicker, seem ‘stiff’ and start to randomly cramp during the day (including facial muscles). “Tren face” and “tren look” are no joke, nor exaggeration, that is really what FinaJect makes you deal with.



FinaJect is short-chain ester of nandrolone that have never been intended to use in clinical treatment. Initial idea was to design a steroid which would increase muscle growth and appetite in… livestock. The easiest way to increase rate of weight gain, is to put given organism in most anabolic and growth-promoting state (specific receptor activation, hormone circulating in blood, nutrition partitioning efficiency) and deliver as much nutrients and calories as possible (or needed, if lean body mass gain is desired). All of that Is given by trenbolone. Androgen receptor activation is incomparable (besides mibolerone), and fat burning properties is unique, as FinaJect is probably the only steroid, that will make fat melt in such a pace, that you can literally spot the difference on a daily basis.


Traits & effects

Mechanism standing behind FinaJect effectiveness is fairly simple and ‘numbers’ are self-explanatory with this one. On a scale where testosterone has androgenic ratio of 100, trenbolone indicates insane 500. Besides being 5 times as androgenic as testosterone, it is capable of affecting estrogen/androgen receptor ratio, as lipolysis induced by trenbolone is so intensified, that adipocytes starts to lose not only it’s volume, but decrease its number itself. Regarding the fact that androgens and estrogens are well known to exert opposing effects on body, FinaJect is the steroid that have ability to permanently alter your physique, simply by manipulating proportion of AR to ER receptors in many different tissues.

Dosage & administration

Dosage is strictly dependent on one’s experience, desired effect and other drugs being used in cycle, but we would suggest some reasonable boundaries (if they even exist):


Beginner: just don’t, please trust us

Intermediate: 100-150mg – EOD

Advanced: 100-250mg – EOD

Elite: 150+ mg – ED

Aspiring mental patient: 200+ mg ED


Side effects & precautions

Side effect of trenbolone are such crucial and important part of using it, and mechanisms so complex, that we decided to stay with just pointing them, without precise explanation, as we don’t want to misguide anyone.

First and most important thing is cardiovascular health. Check it as frequent as possible, run detailed lab tests, get bloodwork and other possible tests done. Keep your diet strict, and follow your health state. There are just too many people out there, that can tell you why it’s better for you to do it. Trenbolone is a steroid that can give you any kind of unexpected side-effect, so whenever you feel something’s just not right, please don’t wait. React.

Livers and kidney are the one to give your special attention. With such powerful androgen, your cholesterol levels and pancreas are first to be hit. As your liver is put under constant stress it gets more and more ‘exhausted’ whole system start to fall apart. First symptom that should always be considered seriously is lower back pain (kidneys area). At the beginning it is very easily to mistake them with back pumps, but as the get more severe, and you notice that those “back pumps” are present in every position, during both day and night, you can be sure that’s probably good time to give yourself a brake with trenbolone.

Estradiol lab test will always give ‘false’ results. This is due to the testing methodology, precisely the most often used one ECLIA method – in this particular case, trenbolone mimics estradiol properties by giving the same luminescent response in presence of Ruten as estradiol does.

Further reading

FinaJect gives you its best, when combined with truly synergistic steroids like Masteron, D-Ject, Equipoise along with short-ester testosterone like PropioJect 100,



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