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SustaJect 250

Testosterone propionate 30mg/ml

Testosterone phenylpropionate 60mg/ml

Testosterone isocaproate 60mg/ml

Testosterone decanoate 100mg/ml

SustaJect 250 is blend of different testosterone esters. The reason behind combining these 4 esters is to provide the most stable achievable serum plasma concentration. Simultaneously, testosterone anabolic effect is being amplified due to various complex reasons, which in no way it is possible to describe “briefly”. Used by various athletes in many different competitions, but not really recommended to beginners, as cycles including SustaJect 250 are usually the longer ones (12+ weeks). Most commonly used as base steroid in the cycle, but may be used as “breakthrough” compound in long cycle, where stagnation has occurred. Increased strength and muscle mass gains are usually observed within 5-6 weeks from first application, but no “radical” effects are to be observed, as the main reason behind the blend remains the same – stable action, stable levels. Other expected effects are the one typical for testosterone itself: increased sex drive, raised energy levels, elevated mood.



SustaJect 250blend of 4 testosterone esters:

propionate 30mg/ml

phenylpropionate 60mg/ml

isocaproate 60mg/ml

decanoate 100mg/ml

This blend provides the most stable testosterone levels both in serum and tissues, what stands for his predictability and slightly elevated anabolic effect. In almost every case, higher fluid retention is observed, especially with users who are prone to aromatizing effect of testosterone.

Traits & effects

SustaJect 250 is recognized for its higher than each single testosterone esters – anabolic potency. Muscle mass gained while using this specific testosterone doesn’t ever appear to be lean, in contrary – that is the blend standing behind that “bloat look” – which was in its prime in 90’ and 00’ (remember Dorian Yates days of glory)

Dosage & administration

Dosage really vary a lot with SustaJect 250, being mostly dependent on its purpose in the given cycle. Not really recommended for beginners, as cycles being run with this blend are usually 16+ weeks, and full potential may be not achieved due to fact that most probably this compound would be an “overkill”. Below we present some of most common dosing:


Beginner: XXX

Intermediate: 200-400mg – E5D

Advanced: 300-500mg – E5D

Elite: 500+ mg –E3D


Side effects & precautions

Side effects are the ones typical for testosterone itself, that is, increased irritability, sex drive, excess hair growth, acne, skin rash, fluid retention. Men prone to pattern baldness ought to be aware that it may worsen or even initiate the process, as the DHT level throughout blood and tissue rise during the cycle. SustaJect 250 side effects could be described as “typical for elevated testosterone levels”, in addition – as mentioned before – more fluid retention, and estrogen-like effects may be observed.

Further reading

SustaJect 250 can be used as a standalone steroid as well as a short-term “breakthrough” compound. Considering its exaggerated fluid retention capability, it is not really recommended in competition with weight restriction, nor in bodybuilding competition.

Below we present you a list of other steroids being most often used with SustaJect 250


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